1000pc! Single Eyelid to Double Eyelids Instantly! Double Eyelid Tape Sticker Transparent Self-adhesive Tape plus Tools

Ladies, have you ever had cut clear Scotch tape in a thin slice and stick it to your eyelid in an effort make it double, or tried to lift those hooded eyelids?  Well, it's no easy fuss to deal with! 

Incredibly, we now have created these profoundly better and easier way to do just that!  

  • They're available in thin(3mm) or slightly thick(4mm). You can choose all thin strips or all thicker ones; or, go half and half. 
  • These scientifically formulated tape is so strong and yet so gentle to your sensitive skin.  
  • Made with perforated holes for your skin to breath and at the same time makes it easier to apply makeup over it.
  • All 1056 just for $19.99 with shipping included!  Unbelievable!  Retail price: $94.99 for just few hundred sets!  


  • Prior to applying these strips, please be sure to clean your face with facial cleanser and towel dry.
  • With your clean finger, (or a tweezer)  carefully remove a strip and place it right at the spot you wish to create a fold. It'll take couple of practice before finding the perfect spot.  Please try several practices.
  • Once you've placed the strip, firmly press it down with your finger tip or the other end of the tweezer. 
  • Now you can apply your makeup as usual and you'll see the differences!